Eva Angelina: Mud to Mouth

My most embarrassing scene happened right when I started doing anal. Let me start with this: We ended up needing to re-shoot the scene at a different date and time.

At that point, I was still getting my routine down on how to prepare for an anal scene. Typically, I’d eat a light dinner the night before, and then take ammonium pills, which stops your digestive system. Then, I’d do an enema. In the morning, I’d take another ammonium and clean out my ass more so I can coast. Then, I go through the whole day with a butt plug. My ass is really tight and the second you take out the butt plug it gets tight again. So the plug helps make it a little looser.

So at this early point in my career, I was familiar with enemas, but it wasn’t working right on this one shoot. I wasn’t getting shit. I was getting muddy water. No matter how hard I tried, the water wouldn’t run clear. It got to the point where there was so much water in my intestines it was as if I had received a colonic. We were doing an anal scene, and it was supposed to include ass to mouth. I had already been leaking throughout the shoot, but when we got to that point, we realized there was muddy water all over my face. There was no way they could edit that shit to make it look normal. We called it a wrap. Some days you should just not do anal. I learned the hard way.

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