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3d movies are hugely popular at the box office today. They allow filmmakers to do things that wouldn’t be possible with live actors or that would be so expensive they’d be a foolish investment. It should come as no surprise that there are companies using that 3d technology to create pornography.

The content on 3D Adult Comics is a mix of various porn images and videos in 3D and comic format. Most of it is of decent quality and some of the comics will actually get you interested with their creative storylines. There is a good enough dose of the computer-generated graphics you’d expect to see on a site like this, as well as some extras that contain different styles of toons and even some live action.

Nobody would call 3d Adult Comics a beautiful site but it’s good enough to get the job done. The most recent updates are pictured on the main page with a small thumbnail, the date they were added, a rating if the set has one and the number of images included. According to the dates they’re updating several times a week with new pictures and videos.

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There are few hundred vids that can be downloaded in mostly good-quality Windows Media files. You’ll find some that are in HD as well. The running times vary quite a lot, as I watched one movie that was about a minute long and another that ran for over an hour. The quality of the animation varies as well. One of the scenes looked pretty stiff, like it was just mannequins fucking, but another horror scene looked so good it could have been the naughty cut from a video game.

Your membership also comes with 700+ pic galleries in the 3D genre as well as some artwork that isn’t computer-generated. Some of the 3D content includes comics with plots and dialogue, some are a series of frames that tell a tale minus a lot of talk, and others are computer-designed solo female characters. You’ll see a lot of fantasy scenes too, including ones that feature aliens, zombies and even a mutated zebra.

The site appears to be updating at first glance, but what it’s actually doing is rotating its content. That’s unfortunate, obviously, and so is the fact that the material is nonexclusive. It’s also a bit of a bummer that the site is a little pricey. Still, 3D Adult Comics has high-quality porn, so you might not mind spending a little extra in order to enjoy it.

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