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If your motto is “Why should I join one porn site when I can instead join 18?” then 18 Passport may be a site worth considering. However, before I know for sure, I need to know a few more specifics about your motto. Like how important is site design and navigation? You see, while everything looks pretty good here, there is an issue with the navigation that I came across right away.

18Passport is a mega-site, which means the site is basically a hub for 18 others. That’s all well and good, but I like when I have multiple options when it comes to browsing a large collection and here we only have one.

When you land on the main network page you’ll see each of the 18 sites, with thumbnails representing their most recent scenes. To see more, you have to click into each site individually, which will open a new page. Unfortunately, there’s no way to browse the complete collection as a whole or to filter or search the network rather than just the individual sites.

Main Category: Mega Porn Site

All Categories: Hardcore,Teen

Now, there are a lot of scenes here, which makes counting everything kind of difficult. However, saying that there are about 10,000 videos and around 11,000 photo sets throughout the mega-site is probably a pretty good guesstimate.

The videos are good looking at roughly 640×480 and most sites have a small number of high definition videos at 1280×720. The sites that have picture galleries offer them in 1000px and there are zip files for each set.

And finally there is the question of what your motto says about updating. You see, while most of the sites have recent dates on their content, having reviewed others in this network and from the same company I know that they tend to rotate their large collections and are often not really actually adding anything new.

In the end, the network is huge, so the lack of updates might not be a huge factor in your decision to sign up. The slightly expensive price tag might be, though. 18 Passport has a bunch of pluses and minuses and you just need to just decide which ones are most important to you.

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